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Feb. 12th, 2017


Five years ago, almost to the day, Evil Jester Press released my first published novel, THE QUARRY. It enjoyed a really lovely reception, and I got a lot of positive feedback on the novel. I also took a particular pleasure in the fact that the story was set at Limestone College, my alma mater, and the cover art even incorporated some photos I took of the campus.

I had no plans at the time to write a sequel, but it was actually my editor Peter Giglio who championed the idea, and an offhanded comment he made about the connection between two characters sparked the idea for a continuation.

And now, five years later, Evil Jester Press has released my follow-up to THE QUARRY, my newest novel entitled THE CULT OF OCASTA: THE FINAL LIMESTONE STORY.

This book was a long time coming. I originally started it very shortly after the release of THE QUARRY, but I had to put it aside when I contracted to deliver a novel to JournalStone. Once that novel was done, my attention was taken by a few other projects, until finally I looked back over what I had written on THE CULT OF OCASTA and my passion for the story was reignited and I dove headfirst into it.

The writing took a little longer than I expected. Not because I struggled or put it aside for chunks of time. I wrote on the novel consistently, but it just turned out to be a longer project than I had anticipated. It is far from a Stephen King sized tome, but it is to date my longest novel.

Once it was completed, I turned it in to Charles Day over at Evil Jester and was thrilled when he agreed to publish it. Peter was no longer working for them, having decided to focus on his own writing, but Briana Onishea edited this one, and Jim Kavanaugh did a stunning cover that recreates in wonderful detail one of the Limestone buildings.

I'm beyond ecstatic to finally have this book out. I think it's some of my finest work, and a novel I'm incredibly proud of. I hope that people enjoy it, and I look forward to getting some feedback on it.

THE CULT OF OCASTA can be purchased here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06W2JCVYJ/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1486942262&sr=1-1&keywords=cult+of+ocasta
THE QUARRY can be purchased here: https://www.amazon.com/Quarry-Mark-Allan-Gunnells-ebook/dp/B0073PMCY2/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1486943208&sr=1-1&keywords=quarry+mark+gunnells

Feb. 2nd, 2017


For the next installment of my Origin Stories series, I’ll be dealing with my time-traveling gay romance novel THE EXCHANGE STUDENT.

This novel was written back before I’d ever published anything. It was simply an idea I had that I thought was interesting, and I didn’t worry that it was outside the genre I normally wrote in (as I had published nothing yet, it wasn’t as if I had a reputation or anything). I wanted to write it, so I wrote it.

Shortly before I completed the novel, I sold a gothic gay romance ghost story to an anthology called TANGLE which was published by Blind Eye Books, which specialized in gay and lesbian fiction with a romance angle. I thought they would be the perfect avenue to try.

The publisher ended up passing on the book because it didn’t have a traditional happy ending, and they made some suggestions about changes to certain characters that would have completely altered the story from the one I had wanted to tell. I ended up putting the book aside, not knowing of any other markets to try, and once I was publishing regularly with horror publishers, I kind of forgot all about THE EXCHANGE STUDENT.

Then one day I noticed the file on my computer, opened it up, and read back through the manuscript. I found that I still believed in the story. I had no real knowledge of publishers that worked with gay romance, but I mentioned the book to my editor at Evil Jester Press, Peter Giglio. He suggested I try a digital publisher called Etopia.

I took his advice, sent it in, and within a month had an acceptance and a contract. I was really thrilled, but also nervous. This was outside my normal genre and I wasn’t sure how to promote a book of this ilk. The novel has done reasonably well but not as well as some of my horror stuff, and I didn’t have a lot of my horror readers give it a try. I can understand that, but it also makes me a little sad as I think it’s some of my best plotting and is a satisfying tale. Even though the book has been out for several years now, I still hope it finds a bigger audience. In fact, I’ve even got a sequel called THE TIME GUARDIAN planned in my head that I plan to get down on paper sometime in the near future.

THE EXCHANGE STUDENT can be purchased here: https://www.amazon.com/Exchange-Student-Mark-Allan-Gunnells-ebook/dp/B00C7886L8/ref=la_B005C18L7Q_1_28?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1486034657&sr=1-28&refinements=p_82%3AB005C18L7Q

Jan. 12th, 2017

Origin Stories: THE HUNT

For my latest installment of my Origin Stories blog series, I’ll be focusing on my single-story chapbook THE HUNT.

The story itself was written for the winner of a contest. When Sideshow Press released my collection TALES FROM THE MIDNIGHT SHIFT, we ran a little contest where all those who purchased a copy of the limited hardcover were entered. Steven Souza ended up taking home the prize, and said prize was a story crafted just for him. I sent him a detailed questionnaire about his life and literally built a story from the ground up based on him, with Mr. Souza starring as the main character.

The original plan had been to include the resultant story in my next Sideshow collection. The original title of the collection was actually TALES FROM THE MIDNIGHT SHIFT VOL. 1, so it was assumed we’d do another volume down the road. Unfortunately that never came to pass, and Sideshow eventually started cutting back on releases before finally going out of business.

However, when Tom started Gallow’s Press, focusing on trade paperbacks and ebooks, it was decided that “The Hunt” would still see print as a single-story chapbook available in paperback and digital forms. He would include with the story an excerpt of my Gallow’s novel SEQUEL as well as one of the short stories from TALES FROM THE MIDNIGHT SHIFT (which was being rereleased from Gallow’s).

Tom did the cover art himself, using an actual picture of Mr. Souza to make it even more personal and special for him. The chapbook was finally released in February 2013.

I really enjoy this particular story, I think it is exciting and suspenseful and fast-paced, and I went to great pains to make it as authentic as possible to Mr. Souza’s life. It is truly an idea I never would have come up with had it not been for him. Sales for the story haven’t exactly gone through the roof over the years, but Mr. Souza enjoyed the tale and since my main goal when writing it was to create something he’d get a kick out of, I feel like it has been incredibly successful.

THE HUNT is still available in paperback and ebook here: https://www.amazon.com/Hunt-Mark-Allan-Gunnells-ebook/dp/B00BD5E6E2/ref=la_B005C18L7Q_1_23?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1484265438&sr=1-23&refinements=p_82%3AB005C18L7Q

Dec. 31st, 2016


I continue my Origin Stories series with my coming of age novel THE SUMMER OF WINTERS.

This particular book holds a special place in my heart. It's a coming-of-age tale (one of my favorite sub-genres) set in my hometown in the early 80s. While the main plot is completely fictitious, there is a lot of autobiographical tidbits from my own childhood in this book. I put in all the places that were important to me growing up, and even had the main character living in the very house I lived in as a child.

When I was writing the book, I always intended to send it to Tom Moran, who had published a few other books by me. Once the book was complete, I did just that but unfortunately Tom passed on it. As did a second publisher I sent it too. Both publishers had nice things to say about the story, but neither felt it really fit in with the kinds of things they were publishing.

I put the book aside and worked on other projects. After Evil Jester Press published THE QUARRY, editor Pete Giglio expressed interest in publishing more of my work. I sent him THE SUMMER OF WINTERS to get his impressions of that novel.

His response was very enthusiastic, and he bought it for Evil Jester almost immediately. He edited the book, and he is also responsible for the cover, which I think is very evocative and powerful in its simplicity.

The book was released in early 2013, and as with my previous book, Pete over at Evil Jester worked his ass off promoting the book and it did well for us. It is my most reviewed book on Amazon, and the notices were overwhelmingly positive.

As I said, this one means a lot to me, and I'm really grateful the book is still available out there for people to discover.

THE SUMMER OF WINTERS can be purchased here: https://www.amazon.com/Summer-Winters-Mark-Allan-Gunnells-ebook/dp/B00AW0MVHS/ref=la_B005C18L7Q_1_29?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1483194843&sr=1-29&refinements=p_82%3AB005C18L7Q

Dec. 23rd, 2016

2016 in Review

Now comes the time at the end of each year where I give a little roundup of the things I’ve accomplished in my writing career over the course of the last 12 months.

I’ll start with books I’ve published. 2016 was another year where I had 3 books out. The first of which was released in January, a collection entitled COMPANIONS IN RUIN from Sinister Grin Press (https://www.amazon.com/Companions-Ruin-Mark-Allan-Gunnells-ebook/dp/B01BN7INXE/ref=la_B005C18L7Q_1_24?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1482491480&sr=1-24&refinements=p_82%3AB005C18L7Q). There were three editions: the trade paperback, an ebook, and even a limited hardcover. I’m in love with the stark, haunting cover, which they took from an image in my story “Sentinel.”

My next book was published in October, a digital only collection called CURTAIN CALL (https://www.amazon.com/Curtain-Call-Other-Dark-Entertainments-ebook/dp/B01MF8HW19/ref=la_B005C18L7Q_1_5?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1482491551&sr=1-5). The 10 stories compiled are some of my favorites among my pieces, and the thing that truly blows my mind about this book is that it was released from Cemetery Dance. Talk about a dream come true!

My last book of the year was released just earlier this month from Crystal Lake Publishing. WHERE THE DEAD GO TO DIE, a novel I co-authored with my friend Aaron Dries (https://www.amazon.com/Where-Dead-Die-Aaron-Dries-ebook/dp/B01N1LYOGP/ref=la_B005C18L7Q_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1482491589&sr=1-3). It is a zombie tale, but I think one that is very unique and fresh, using zombies as a launching pad for a very emotional and raw story.

I also had a digital short called “The Refugees” out as part of Steve Dillion’s Refuge series, raising money for the Sanctuary Australia Foundation, a humanitarian organization aimed at helping refugees (https://www.amazon.com/Refugees-Refuge-Collection-4-5-ebook/dp/B01N09Q06H/ref=la_B005C18L7Q_1_18?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1482491637&sr=1-18&refinements=p_82%3AB005C18L7Q). I actually used some fears brought up in this year’s nasty political campaign to build the story, tying in some thoughts I had about the unfortunate resilience of prejudice.

2016 was a good year for me in terms of having short fiction appear in anthologies as well. In August, Crystal Lake put out TALES FROM THE LAKE VOL. 3, featuring my story “The Pigmalion Pigs.” (https://www.amazon.com/Tales-Lake-Vol-3-Allan-Gunnells-ebook/dp/B01KBTEKKA/ref=la_B005C18L7Q_1_8?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1482491589&sr=1-8) I think that’s a fun, strong recent story of mine, and I was really happy for it to be available for folks to read.

September saw the release of DRIVE-IN CREATURE FEATURE from Evil Jester Press (https://www.amazon.com/Drive-Creature-Feature-Eugene-Johnson-ebook/dp/B01LJY0FQO/ref=la_B005C18L7Q_1_15?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1482491715&sr=1-15&refinements=p_82%3AB005C18L7Q). An older story of mine, “The Benefactor,” was included in this anthology. I was thrilled to be in a TOC with so many talented authors—Clive Barker, Jonathan Maberry, William F. Nolan, Elizabeth Massie, Christopher Nolan, and Joe Lansdale just to name a few. I was particularly delighted to be in a book with two of my heroes, Barker and Lansdale. Hell, my story was right next to Lansdale’s!

In October, Spectral Press released THE 3rd SPECTRAL BOOK OF HORROR STORIES, and included my tale “Sins of the Father.” (https://www.amazon.com/3rd-Spectral-Book-Horror-Stories-ebook/dp/B01M8P34D3/ref=la_B005C18L7Q_1_9?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1482491745&sr=1-9) This was a story I’d originally written in hopes of appearing in a themed anthology. Didn’t make the cut and I’d worried there was no real place for it elsewhere, so I was glad to have it appear here.

Just this month, Thunderstorm released a charity anthology to benefit the HWA Relief Fund called DREAD STATE, full of political tales (https://www.amazon.com/Dread-State-Political-Horror-Anthology/dp/0692809686/ref=la_B005C18L7Q_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1482491745&sr=1-1). My contribution was a humorous satire called “Take Me to Your Cheerleader” that pokes fun at politics but also at our shallow culture in general. The TOC of this one includes a reprint from Ray Bradbury himself. I never dreamed I’d share space with the late great Bradbury!

I’ve done a lot of writing this year too. Always writing. I completed three novellas this year, two solo and one with a friend. The two solo novellas are entitled BOOK HAVEN and #MakeHalloweenScaryAgain, and with my friend Shane Nelson I wrote a twist on the deal-with-the-devil tale called THE PRICE OF SUCCESS. I also wrote a lot of short stories, as I will never lose my passion for the short form. Here at the end of the year, I’m just getting started on a new novella, THE UNHOLY EUCHARIST.

I also had the opportunity to do some fun events this year. In January I hosted a Literary Scavenger Hunt at Grindstaff’s in my hometown of Gaffney. Three teams competed, and my friends Traci and Michael walked away with the prize pack of books and a gift certificate to the store. It was a lot of fun, and I did a reading from my books FORT and COMPANIONS IN RUIN while I was there.

In April, I was invited to take part in a discussion forum at Clemson University on Queer Writing in the South. It was an interesting panel to be on, and I was honored to have been asked to be a part of it.

In August, I did another Literary Scavenger Hunt, this time at Joe’s Place in Greenville. Like the previous one, we all had a lot of fun, and this time it was my friends Megan and Amanda who were victorious.

October saw two different events for Halloween. I did a reading at Joe’s Place, and I was also invited back to Clemson to take part in their Halloween festival. I read selections from my two Halloween collections and felt very old.

In November, I was invited to attend the Tuesday Woman’s Club meeting in Gaffney. I gave a talk about my work, specifically focusing on my novels THE QUARRY and THE SUMMER OF WINTERS and how the town of Gaffney helped inspire and shape those tales.

I appeared on the news a handful of times throughout the year to promote several of those events, and ask always the folks at WYFF News 4 were incredibly generous and lovely.

On a personal note, the biggest thing to happen to me in 2016 was that Craig and I got married on our shared birthday, October 30th. I don’t think anything in my life has ever made me happier.

2016 has seen a lot of social and political upheaval, and I’m not trivializing that, but for me it has also been a year of accomplishment, joy, and laughter. Even in the darkest times, we have to find the things that bring us happiness and embrace them.

Here’s wishing everyone out there a Happy New Year!

Dec. 18th, 2016

Origin Stories: OCTOBER ROSES

I'm continuing my Origin Stories series with the tale of how I came to publish my Halloween-themed novella OCTOBER ROSES.

I've always loved Halloween fiction. Every October I write Halloween tales, and every October I also like to read Halloween-themed tales. I had discovered that Bad Moon Books routinely published Halloween novellas every year during the fall. It provided me with a lot of really good fiction to read (Paul Melniczek and Lisa Morton published a lot of those), and also got me to thinking.

I am such a lover of all things Halloween, I thought I might be a good fit for Bad Moon's Halloween novella series. October of 2011, I contacted Roy Robbins and asked if I wrote something by the end of the year, would he consider publishing it as part of the series. He responded that he could make no guarantees, but he would be happy to consider anything I might put together.

I had the germ of an idea, and I immediately began working on it. A seemingly straight-forward possession tale with a twist at the end, I figured I could get it finished by Christmas. Turns out I was being a little optimistic. Hit a few roadblocks, mostly because a small section wasn't working so I solved that by excising it completely from the story. I rebounded and finished by February 2012.

I sent it off to Bad Moon and did what I always do when waiting to hear about a submission...I crossed my fingers and waited rather impatiently. I remember the rush of joy I felt when I got the thumbs up. There were some light edits, but nothing too taxing. They provided an absolutely stunning cover.

The book was released in October of 2012 in paperback and digital forms, and I was thrilled to have my second Halloween-themed book on the market. The book hasn't received a wide audience, but it has gotten some nice notices. I even made a Best Of list which was pretty cool. https://horrornovelreviews.com/2013/07/22/the-five-best-recent-horror-novellas/

The following Halloween, I held a book signing at a local bookstore. Mostly friends came by, but I managed to sell one copy of OCTOBER ROSES to a random stranger who happened by. She took the book and left, but she returned an hour later to tell me she went straight to the nearby park and read the story from start to finish. She wanted me to know she enjoyed the novella. It was a very gratifying moment. I found out only later that she had a blog where she reviewed books.

A personal side note, when this was released, it became the first book published after meeting my now-husband and I actually dedicated it to Craig.

I found out a couple of months ago that Bad Moon Books was downsizing their publishing business, removing most of their titles, including mine. Luckily Crossroad Press took over the digital editions of both OCTOBER ROSES and GHOSTS IN THE ATTIC.

I'm glad that OCTOBER ROSES is still available, at least as an ebook. It can be purchased here: https://www.amazon.com/October-Roses-Mark-Allan-Gunnells-ebook/dp/B00A2ET2N0/ref=la_B005C18L7Q_1_20?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1482068609&sr=1-20&refinements=p_82%3AB005C18L7Q

Dec. 11th, 2016

Origin Stories: SEQUEL

Continuing my Origin Stories blog series with my slasher-homage novel SEQUEL.

SEQUEL is a novel I had written before I ever started publishing. I actually initially had the idea during my college years, and I wrote it sometime around 2002. I had a lot of fun writing it, but when I finished, I wasn't sure if I had something that was publishable or not. I did try it with two different small press publishers but had no luck with either. In neither case did it have much to do with the book itself. One publisher wanted a stronger romance angle to their releases, and the other decided to focus on nonfiction as opposed to fiction. At that point, I basically put the book aside and kind of forgot about it.

In 2009, I sold my first book to Sideshow Press, and they seemed very interested in publishing more of my stuff, particularly they asked for some novel-length works. I decided to dust SEQUEL off, polish it up, and submit it to them.

Tom at Sideshow really liked the book, and at one point they planned to have it be my second book with them. Eventually that was re-thought, as SEQUEL features two prominent gay characters and Tom felt that he wanted to just establish me as a new voice in horror fiction before highlighting what might be considered a "gay horror" novel. (That didn't exactly work out because before I published another Sideshow book, Apex put out ASYLUM which features an almost exclusive gay cast.) Instead, my second Sideshow book was WHISONANT/CREATURES OF THE LIGHT. In fact, I had several more books out with Sideshow but SEQUEL wasn't one.

What did happen was Tom decided to start another publishing company, Gallow's Press, which would not offer limited signed hardcover books but just mass-market paperback and digital books through Amazon. He asked if I would be willing to put SEQUEL out through Gallow's. I was more than willing.

Tom created a cover very reminiscent of a movie poster for an 80s horror flick, which was perfect as the book was written as a homage to those films. We did some editing, taking out a few scenes I later released on this blog as "deleted scenes", in keeping with the film them. (http://markgunnells.livejournal.com/7754.html, http://markgunnells.livejournal.com/8091.html, http://markgunnells.livejournal.com/8285.html) He put it in production and it was one of the first Gallow's releases.

I think SEQUEL is one of my most fun novels, and the response I've gotten for it has been mostly positive. I even got a cool YouTube review for it.

Largely though the book hasn't gotten as much attention as some of my others. It's one I really hope continues to find an audience.

You can purchase SEQUEL here: https://www.amazon.com/Sequel-Mark-Allan-Gunnells-ebook/dp/B008K7QBKS/ref=la_B005C18L7Q_1_41?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1481492937&sr=1-41&refinements=p_82%3AB005C18L7Q

Dec. 3rd, 2016

Atlanta - The Birthplace of Zombies (How WHERE THE DEAD GO TO DIE Was Born)

Atlanta seems to be ground zero for zombies. As most people know, it features heavily in The Walking Dead, and it is also the place Where the Dead Go to Die was born.

Where the Dead Go to Die is the novel I co-authored with the very talented Aaron Dries, and it has just been released by Crystal Lake Publishing. It is a zombie novel, but a unique one. I think we handle the creatures in a fresh and emotionally resonant way, and along the way we have things to say about illness, grief, compassion, fear, death, and love.

And it all started in Atlanta.

I’ll explain. In 2015, the World Horror Convention was held in Atlanta, GA. I had always wanted to attend one, but work and financial limitations never made it possible. However, Atlanta is within driving distance of me, and I could easily drive down for one day of the event.

And I did, along with my lovely husband. I had planned to just go as an observer, attending different panels and readings, getting some autographs, but I was honored that they let me actually speak on the zombie panel. I got to sit right next to Jonathan Maberry.

I had a great time, and I got to meet a lot of really cool people. One of the coolest was Aaron Dries. I was somewhat familiar with him through social media, and I had recently read his novel House of Sighs and been blown away be it.

In person, he blew me away as well. He gave a dynamic and energized reading of one of his short stories, and after he hung out with me and Craig for quite a while, just chatting about everything under the sun. He proved to be funny and charming and a real gentleman. We instantly hit it off.

During our time there at the WHC, Aaron talked about collaborating on something in the future. I was more than game. I actually really enjoy the collaborative process, and I was a little in awe of Aaron’s talent. Being realistic, I figured it might be quite some time before such a collaboration could happen. We both had our own projects brewing, not to mention our everyday lives.

Shortly after the convention, Aaron sent me a message telling me about the germ of an idea he had using the idea of zombies in a symbolic way. I found what he had to say very intriguing, and before I knew we were messaging back and forth in a rapid fire way, brainstorming and exchanging idea. Right before my eyes, the idea was growing into a full-fledged story.

I was so excited by what we were coming up with that I went ahead and wrote a first chapter then sent it to Aaron, just to see if he felt I was on the right track. He instantly picked it up and we kept on from there, working diligently all the way to the end.

I feel like we worked very well together, blending our styles and voices into a strong story that is exciting and emotional and even at times funny.

And it all started in Atlanta.

Here is the book trailer for WHERE THE DEAD GO TO DIE:

The book itself can be ordered here: https://www.amazon.com/Where-Dead-Die-Aaron-Dries-ebook/dp/B01N1LYOGP/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8

Nov. 6th, 2016

Origin Stories: THE QUARRY

Returning to my Origin Stories blog series with THE QUARRY.

I wrote the book over the course of a summer, and almost immediately subbed it to Sideshow Press. Tom had some nice things to say about it, gave me a few suggestions about edits, but ultimately did not accept it. I then sent it to another publisher, who also did not accept it. Interestingly, Tom said he liked the first half but the last half needed more work. The other publisher liked the last half but thought the first half needed more work.

I sort of put the book aside for a while, tinkering with it, making some of the edits suggested by Tom, but ultimately it seemed destined to be a "trunk novel."

And then Charles Day from Evil Jester Press contacted me, said he'd read a digital short of mine, "Dancing in the Dark", and he suggested I submit a story to an anthology they were putting out. I did, getting my story "Must Be Something in the Water" in Help Wanted. Peter Giglio was the editor on that anthology and seemed to really like my writing. He and Charles asked if I had any novel-length works without a publisher.

I dusted off The Quarry, polished it up a bit, and sent it to them with fingers crossed. They were very enthusiastic and next thing I knew, I was about to publish a novel. Before this, everything had been short stories or novellas, this would be my first published novel.

Peter was a great editor, they did a cover that actually incorporated photos I'd taken on the Limestone College campus (where the story is set), and they did some heavy promotion for the book.

I was very proud of the book, and it had a lovely reception when it was published. I've actually written a sequel that will hopefully be out before the end of the year.

I hope people continue to discover and enjoy the novel. It can be ordered here: https://www.amazon.com/Quarry-Mark-Allan-Gunnells-ebook/dp/B0073PMCY2/ref=la_B005C18L7Q_1_34?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1478469192&sr=1-34&refinements=p_82%3AB005C18L7Q

Oct. 24th, 2016

CURTAIN CALL-My New Collection

Having a new book out is always exciting, and my newest release is particularly exciting for me because it's my first book with Cemetery Dance Publications. It's a 10 story collection entitled CURTAIN CALL AND OTHER DARK ENTERTAINMENTS.

This is particularly special and thrilling for me, because working with Cemetery Dance is a dream. They are a large outfit with a great reputation and they work with a lot of heavy-hitters, including Stephen King himself. Being able to say I have a title with them is a career high.

The collection is only available as a digital release, but I do not consider that any lesser of an accomplishment. I know some people who are devoted to print and simply will not do ebooks. I am not one of those people. I love print books, there is a tactile sensation to them that is intoxicating, and print books will never go away. They have real strengths--durability, for one--that ensures their survival. However, I think digital books have a place as well and will co-exist beside print books. As a reader, I just love story, I don't care the delivery system. Therefore, I consider a digital release just as "real" and exciting as a print release.

I actually got a chance to go on the news with the local NBC affiliate to promote the book as well as discuss digital versus print.


I am incredibly proud of CURTAIN CALL. The 10 stories are some of my favorites, many of them taking place in locations that are important to me as a person. I also have a story that is a follow-up to my novel OUTCAST.

I hope people will give the collection a try and enjoy it. To try to entice folks and get them interested, I did a series of YouTube readings from a few of the stories.

I hope you will forgive me for the long blog, but I am just beyond ecstatic about this release. CURTAIN CALL can be purchased here: https://www.amazon.com/Curtain-Call-Other-Dark-Entertainments-ebook/dp/B01MF8HW19/ref=la_B005C18L7Q_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1477347880&sr=1-1

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