markgunnells (markgunnells) wrote,

A Real Treat

I originally met Vicente Garcia on a horror message board. We share a love of many of the same books and movies and developed something of a friendship. Vicente is a dynamic young man with a lot of ambition and talent and his finger in a lot of pies.

He reviewed my Halloween collection, DARK TREATS, when it was released and was particularly enthusiastic about my short story "Treats." He started talking to me early on about making the story into a short film. I told him he had my blessing, but honestly didn't really think anything would ever come of it. Not because I doubted him, but because it seemed unthinkable anyone would really want to film something I made up.

But Vicente was true to his word, and made a really fun little film. To be fair, this isn't my story, but it takes the concept of my story--unwrapped candies that are tossed in the trash but which turn out to be eggs that hatch some mutant creatures that attack--and weaves his own story around that concept. My story was about a single mother and her son, whereas his is about a teenage girl home alone. And the end of his film brings fruition to something I only suggest in the story.

Vicente didn't have much of a budget, and he had some issues figuring out the effects on such a small budget, but he gave the story an 80s B horror movie kind of vibe that even weaves its way into the music. I think it's a lot of fun, and makes me smile. I won't lie, part of me was hoping to see "BASED ON THE STORY BY MARK ALLAN GUNNELLS" in the credits, but hey, like I said, he just used my concept as a jumping off point.

Here is the film, hope you enjoy:

Vicente also has a little behind the scenes footage from the filming, so I'm going to include that as well:

I want to thank Vicente for thinking enough of the story to make his own version of it. It was a real joy for me.

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