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Origin Stories: THE QUARRY

Returning to my Origin Stories blog series with THE QUARRY.

I wrote the book over the course of a summer, and almost immediately subbed it to Sideshow Press. Tom had some nice things to say about it, gave me a few suggestions about edits, but ultimately did not accept it. I then sent it to another publisher, who also did not accept it. Interestingly, Tom said he liked the first half but the last half needed more work. The other publisher liked the last half but thought the first half needed more work.

I sort of put the book aside for a while, tinkering with it, making some of the edits suggested by Tom, but ultimately it seemed destined to be a "trunk novel."

And then Charles Day from Evil Jester Press contacted me, said he'd read a digital short of mine, "Dancing in the Dark", and he suggested I submit a story to an anthology they were putting out. I did, getting my story "Must Be Something in the Water" in Help Wanted. Peter Giglio was the editor on that anthology and seemed to really like my writing. He and Charles asked if I had any novel-length works without a publisher.

I dusted off The Quarry, polished it up a bit, and sent it to them with fingers crossed. They were very enthusiastic and next thing I knew, I was about to publish a novel. Before this, everything had been short stories or novellas, this would be my first published novel.

Peter was a great editor, they did a cover that actually incorporated photos I'd taken on the Limestone College campus (where the story is set), and they did some heavy promotion for the book.

I was very proud of the book, and it had a lovely reception when it was published. I've actually written a sequel that will hopefully be out before the end of the year.

I hope people continue to discover and enjoy the novel. It can be ordered here: https://www.amazon.com/Quarry-Mark-Allan-Gunnells-ebook/dp/B0073PMCY2/ref=la_B005C18L7Q_1_34?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1478469192&sr=1-34&refinements=p_82%3AB005C18L7Q