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Atlanta - The Birthplace of Zombies (How WHERE THE DEAD GO TO DIE Was Born)

Atlanta seems to be ground zero for zombies. As most people know, it features heavily in The Walking Dead, and it is also the place Where the Dead Go to Die was born.

Where the Dead Go to Die is the novel I co-authored with the very talented Aaron Dries, and it has just been released by Crystal Lake Publishing. It is a zombie novel, but a unique one. I think we handle the creatures in a fresh and emotionally resonant way, and along the way we have things to say about illness, grief, compassion, fear, death, and love.

And it all started in Atlanta.

I’ll explain. In 2015, the World Horror Convention was held in Atlanta, GA. I had always wanted to attend one, but work and financial limitations never made it possible. However, Atlanta is within driving distance of me, and I could easily drive down for one day of the event.

And I did, along with my lovely husband. I had planned to just go as an observer, attending different panels and readings, getting some autographs, but I was honored that they let me actually speak on the zombie panel. I got to sit right next to Jonathan Maberry.

I had a great time, and I got to meet a lot of really cool people. One of the coolest was Aaron Dries. I was somewhat familiar with him through social media, and I had recently read his novel House of Sighs and been blown away be it.

In person, he blew me away as well. He gave a dynamic and energized reading of one of his short stories, and after he hung out with me and Craig for quite a while, just chatting about everything under the sun. He proved to be funny and charming and a real gentleman. We instantly hit it off.

During our time there at the WHC, Aaron talked about collaborating on something in the future. I was more than game. I actually really enjoy the collaborative process, and I was a little in awe of Aaron’s talent. Being realistic, I figured it might be quite some time before such a collaboration could happen. We both had our own projects brewing, not to mention our everyday lives.

Shortly after the convention, Aaron sent me a message telling me about the germ of an idea he had using the idea of zombies in a symbolic way. I found what he had to say very intriguing, and before I knew we were messaging back and forth in a rapid fire way, brainstorming and exchanging idea. Right before my eyes, the idea was growing into a full-fledged story.

I was so excited by what we were coming up with that I went ahead and wrote a first chapter then sent it to Aaron, just to see if he felt I was on the right track. He instantly picked it up and we kept on from there, working diligently all the way to the end.

I feel like we worked very well together, blending our styles and voices into a strong story that is exciting and emotional and even at times funny.

And it all started in Atlanta.

Here is the book trailer for WHERE THE DEAD GO TO DIE:

The book itself can be ordered here: https://www.amazon.com/Where-Dead-Die-Aaron-Dries-ebook/dp/B01N1LYOGP/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8