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The next book I will talk about in this series, in which I discuss how each of my books made it into publication, is the novella LOCKED ROOM MISERY which I co-wrote with Bram Stoker winning author Benjamin Kane Ethridge.

When Benjamin and I finished the story, we immediately started talking about places to submit. We'd both worked with a lot of great publishers, but the majority of those were not open to short novellas unless they were part of a larger collection. Therefore, our options were a bit more limited.

However, I had done a lot of work with Tom Moran, who ran Sideshow Press and after that Gallow's Press. He had put out a few novellas over the years, so I thought Gallow's would be a good place to try.

Tom read the novella, enjoyed it, and agreed to publish it. He even provided the very creepy and eye-catching cover. (Tom Moran has done more covers for me than any other artist, 8 altogether: A LAYMON KIND OF NIGHT, CREATURES OF THE LIGHT, TALES FROM THE MIDNIGHT SHIFT, DARK TREATS, GHOSTS IN THE ATTIC, SEQUEL, THE HUNT, and LOCKED ROOM MISERY.)

Quite a bit of time passed between the acceptance and the eventual publication of the novella. Gallow's Press was starting to wind down, and I believe that LOCKED ROOM MISERY ended up being the very last book they ever put out.

Because of this, publicity for the book was little to nothing. The novella garnered little attention, no major reviews, and at only one Amazon review is one of my least-reviewed books. It is admittedly a strange hybrid novel, a mystery with strong horror elements and an enigmatic ending that is a bit of a brain-twister. That doesn't appeal to all readers, but I still believe there's an audience out there for what we accomplished.

The experience working with Benjamin was a great one, and as with any collaboration I've ever done, I walked away learning something from him and feeling like a better writer because of our time together.

LOCKED ROOM MISERY can be purchased here: https://www.amazon.com/Locked-Room-Misery-Benjamin-Ethridge-ebook/dp/B00L8BXD7W/ref=la_B005C18L7Q_1_39?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1490536028&sr=1-39&refinements=p_82%3AB005C18L7Q