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It may come as no surprise to anyone who knows me, but I am an absolute nut for Halloween. As a lifelong horror fan, it has always been my favorite holiday, the one time of year that my interest in the macabre is not looked down upon by the world at large but actually celebrated!

For that reason, I have written a lot of Halloween-themed fiction. It has pretty much been a tradition of mine for over a decade to write Halloween stories over the month of October. So far this year I've already written one, "Halloween Homecoming," and have another one planned I'll call "The Bloody Fountain."

Because of this tradition I have what might be considered an inordinate number of Halloween books on them market (not as many as Al Sarrantonio maybe, but still a lot). I figure it 'tis the season, so I'll post about each one, giving a little info.

Just this past week I released my serial killer novella #MakeHalloweenScaryAgain as part of the anthology HALLOWEEN CARNIVAL VOL. I, released through Random House's digital imprint Hydra (down the road it will be a Cemetery Dance hardcover as well). I had such fun writing this one, setting it in Greer, SC, the town in which I currently live. I wanted to write something exciting and fun and full of my love of horror and Halloween. And the fact that the novella appears in a collection with stories by authors I really respect, including one of my favorite storytellers Robert McCammon, makes it all the more thrilling. (

A few years ago Great Old Ones Press released a 19 story collection of mine called HALLOWEEN HOUSE OF HORRORS. I put together an eclectic mix of my Halloween fiction. The oldest story dates back to 1998, and the most recent to 2014. A lot of horror (supernatural and supernatural), but also some non-horror stories that are more dramatic and emotional, as well as one children's story. Some of the stories are long, others are flash pieces of less than 1000 words. What they have in common is that they all contain my love of the holiday. (

Bad Moon Books originally put out my novella OCTOBER ROSES (it is now available through Crossraod Press). This one is set at Limestone College, my alma mater and the setting for a lot of my fiction. I had fun utilizing the campus while also crafting a story of a long-dead serial killer possibly possessing a student and making her kill while she slept. I also had my main character from THE QUARRY pop in for a cameo appearance, and then when I wrote THE CULT OF OCASTA (a sequel to THE QUARRY), some of the characters from OCTOBER ROSES got to appear in that one. It's a quick, fast-paced novella that I am very proud of. (

My first Halloween book was the collection DARK TREATS (released originally from Sideshow Press then later from Gallows Press). This is a short collection, just five stories, but I felt they all offered something different on the theme of Halloween. One of them, "Halloween Returns to Bradbury," is one of my favorite pieces of my short fiction. I remember the joy of its release, knowing that I finally had a book out that celebrated my favorite holiday of the year! (

So there you have it...for now. I'm still writing Halloween stories every year, which means I definitely feel that down the line there will be another collection in the works. It doesn't matter how old I get, I am always going to love Halloween and I will always celebrate that through my fiction.
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